Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Stop Press: Institute of Feminine Discipline, Miss Dana Specht and Miss Sarah Gregory Release 3 New Videos To FemDom Spanking Store And Domination Theater

News is just in that there has in the past few seconds (yes that recent) been a brand new update onto the pages of FemDom Spanking Store and Domination Theater from Ms Dana Specht together with her partner in crime Miss Sarah Gregory (though obviously they do not commit crime together…with the odd exception of Sarah of course which she pays for over Ms Dana’s knee!) and Miss Rebekah Dee ofInstitute of Feminine Discipline!
Here are the details :-)

Miss Dana Specht & Miss Sarah Gregory:  Paully’s School Boy Punishment

With Sarah Gregory as a teacher and Dana Specht as the principal, schoolboy Paully is spanked, strapped and caned. He’s first spanked by Ms Gregory for classroom misbehavior, and because a student punished by a teacher is also punished by the principal, he gets spanked by Ms. Specht as well. But that’s not all. The principal also spanks Ms. Gregory for not being a strict enough teacher, with Paully watching from the corner, before both women turn their attention back to the misbehaving student again.. Hot Fm and Ff spanking and discipline action!

Miss Rebekah Dee (Institute of Feminine Discipline) New HRM For The Wee

At the Institute, a few chosen one get to become HRMs, Highly Regarded Males. Among their envious chores are assisting the Women dress and undress, hand washing their panties and other delights.
In this video, Mike is hoping to become an HRM, and Miss Rebekah puts him to the test. Watch as he clumsily tries to dress her AND behave himself at the same time.
Plenty of hard spanking, scolding, tease and denial.

Miss Dana Specht & Sarah Gregory: Anne Of Red Bottoms!

DSAnnOfRedBottoms Inspired by the famous Canadian story that took place on Prince Edward Island, only this red-headed girl gets spanked, Feisty Melody Nore plays “Anne”, and Sarah Gregory plays Diana, Ann’s best friend. The girls get into some raspberry cordial and are drunk and silly when Aunt Dana comes home. Both naughty girls get turned over her knee and spanked soundly. Anne continues to get herself in trouble at school, which earns her a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush.
Domination Theater

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