Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cheeky Gal Andi Gets Her Bare Ass Spanked For Rudeness at Bun Beating Fun!

Just been writing about this latest hot gal to grace the members area of Bun Beating Fun over on my spanking blog at Domestic Spanking Blog!   Next is a post on Amateur OTK Spanking Blog   This beauty deserves all 3 posts!  :-)   But given there are pics on all 3 sites you might want to check the other two out as well as this one LOL ;-)

This naughty girl dared to call the guy that regularly spanks her a bozo!  Not very wise!  And she MUST have known what that would result in given it happens to her every other time she misbehaves!

Hard domestic over the knee otk spanking on her bare butt!  Yes panties down!

I grabbed a few hot Mf spanking pics for you :-)

See the full update now boys and girls exclusively at Bun Beating Fun!

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